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Noah has been driving from almost the point where he could stand on his own two feet, he first showed an interest in racing after getting a battery powered racing car at the age of two.
At the age of four, whilst still at nursery he progressed to his first petrol powered car and immediately started to show potential, not yet able to race on tracks he was driving circuits on spare land and anywhere he could convince his dad to take him.
At only five years old, he received his first 'real' racing kart and soon showed he could handle it, Noah then joined the 2011 Hooton Park IndiKart Championship late in the year, this provided challenges for both him and his team in getting to grips with competitive setups. Noah demonstrated that despite his teams in-experience he was able to extract the maximum out of his kart, often out-performing superior setups with his driving abilities.
Noah has dominated the 2012 Championship, with his cool, collected and determined focus, his strategic driving approach has given him a competitive edge and he has proved to be a formidable competitor. He claimed the Championship title and holds the all time circuit lap record for a bambino driver. Noah also achieved a podium finish in every round during the 2012 season.
2013 sees Noah continue his karting journey progressing to the Cadet class some 12 months earlier than normal. Having learnt his trade in the Bambino class this is where it starts to get tough. Noah’s talent and unprecedented success has given him a great stepping stone from which to progress but he’s under no illusions it will not be an easy ride.

Noah has immediately adopted the MSA regulations so all his experience in 2013 will be relative for the 2014 season which is when he will be eligible to race in national MSA Championships. Pre-season testing has indicated Noah that can produce respectable lap times so he is cautiously optimistic for the 2013 season that lies ahead.
2014 is the first season that Noah can compete in MSA racing. He has joined the Manchester & Buxton Kart Club Championship late in the season but has already shown promise in his first race by securing the Trophy for first Novice and also a top 10 finish overall. Noah aims to build on his continuing success and develop his race craft to remain competitive for next season.