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Stuart Coates - Proprietor, Moving People Bus & Coach Services

“Having established my business from grass roots I don’t give anything away for nothing! After seeing Noah several times in the local press I considered a token gesture of sponsorship. Noah and his family invited me to one of his race events where I was amazed at his on track ability and his off track maturity. I was also very happy with the overall professional image his team portrays and subsequently negotiated a genuinely reciprocal significant sponsorship agreement which adds real value to my business.”

Craig Gavagan - Managing Director, Prestige Karting Ltd

“As a karting business sponsoring Noah was a logical step, it presented a fantastic opportunity to be associated with someone who is getting constant media exposure. Noah is clearly a unique young lad who has genuine talent and his media coverage exceeded that of a 'flash in the pan' good news story. When we realised he has reached over ¼ of a million people it was a commercial opportunity we simply could not miss. We have spent thousands on advertising over the years with modest returns. By comparison the partnership investment that we committed to Noah has provided excellent results.”

Nigel Hanley – Co-Founder, Smarterway Europe

“Having spent many years in corporate business, specializing in start ups and business improvement, we naturally look for opportunity in everything we do. This ethos extends to people we meet and their individual performance. Occasionally, you meet someone who, regardless of age, looks worthy of support to enhance that performance, knowing that this can only bring positive results to the individual and organisation. Twelve months ago, we met Noah, and inspired by his clear talent, focus, thirst for knowledge and mature demeanour, we were keen to become involved in supporting his development. Unable to commit to a large budget, we were happy to work with Glen to support Noah in various ways and would urge anyone who thinks they could offer support to talk to him. Noah has rewarded all with an exceptional performance in 2012 and we see no reason why, with continued support, his success should not continue in the years to come.”

Steven Hickey – Head of Marketing and Business Development,

“We love carts at - from shopping carts to go-karts! Noah's clearly an amazing talent and he has made waves in the motorsport world in a very short space of time. After winning his first title aged just 6 - how could we not want to be involved!? We've never been shy of hard work or success at so getting involved with Team Noah made perfect sense.”